Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ever Had a "Work In Progress?"

Well, as soon as I saw this little bench..."project" came to mind. It came with some other pieces, but it never was really usable like it was. I wish I had a complete before picture, but I was already in the process when I thought of posting pictures. Hubby took it apart and put wood glue in it to sturdy it back up....then he took off most of fabric and innerds~I finished it up by cleaning out all tacks, staples and such. I will have to post an after picture of it...but I believe yall will agree with me it is much improved! I made a new upostered top for it with some more up-to-date fabric that I really love that I found on sale. I may paint the body of it but I will post a "dry fit" so you can see progress so far~

Fancy uphostery tack/staple cup,lol...

                              Vintage orange fabric that's seen it's better days!
                I might salvage some of it and wash for another project...don't know yet.
                                           If I do, I will show you, of course!

I'm sure it was very awesome in it's youth...I like benches anyway--

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