Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Sweet breeze is a blowin'....

~Nothing fancy happened. Nothing extraordinary happened. "Same old thing....". But the Lord touched me & gave me the magic of an ordinary day....which can sometimes get slippery & it finds cracks in the midst to fall through, and it escapes you altogether. I haven't been thankful enough lately for the same old grind. I wanted to go on a little vacation or an adventure or SOMETHING. Which there is nothing wrong with that at all...but to not see the simple things---that's where it's at! I enjoyed the rain yesterday (we needed it), getting out for several hours with my husband & eating some good food, &  just getting a small ways away and getting a breath. Today, it is kinda overcast, but there's a sweet breeze blowing~ refreshing to say the least. The 'everyday' things are the "main" things in life....there are a whole lot more of those things than wild adventures in another country (sometimes I can dream BIG! :) Hope your days are sweet & most of all that you recognize the good things in front of you~

                                     (not from today...but a few days ago)

My moma told me several times when she was alive, that you don't know how it feels not to beable to breathe, until you can't (she had asthma). Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with life, but if you can just get a hold of a breath of fresh perspective & take a real deep will all be okay. The Lord cares about the big & little things in our life & our minds....for which I'm Forever amazed by Him.
 (Philippians 4:8)

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